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Reading what our clients say about Broadcast Architecture
is one thing, hearing them is another!

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Broadcast Architecture Clients Say it Best...

“At Kiss 108 and Jam’n 94.5, we have been partners with Broadcast Architecture for over 10 years, conducting Mix-Masters, Strategic Perceptuals and morning show Focus Masters. Their responsiveness and research methods are great, plus the dials truly measure the passion levels of our products. BA’s research provides a clear perspective of the competitive situation here in Boston, and has helped maintain our #1 and #2 rankings, Adults 18-34.”

Cadillac Jack McCartney
Operations Manager
Clear Channel Radio, New York City and Boston

"BA has developed a fantastic tool that replicates virtually every aspect of an AMT, giving us reliable, accurate, and proven results.  We have done several side-by-side studies, putting their online [Personal Mix-Master] tests up against traditional AMTs, and have seen almost identical results.  BA's PMM has helped us to increase our ratings and enabled us to save considerably on our research budget."

Michael Martin
Vice President of Programming
CBS Radio

“I've worked with BA for over 15 years.  BA Mix-Masters and Focus Masters have been a constant for me through my career.  BA treats me like family and always delivers what I need to help make great decisions for my stations.  I would recommend BA to anyone who likes to WIN!”

John Ivey
Program Director
KIIS and KHHT, Los Angeles

"Broadcast Architecture is a valuable partner to work with in all formats targeting the Spanish-speaking audience.  Their research technology and expertise with their own personnel fluent in Spanish are invaluable in learning about the tastes of the audience and interpreting the data."

Bob Perry
International Radio Consultant

“Broadcast Architecture is the 'Four Seasons' of radio research and consulting.  Get them before your competition does; they are the absolute best."

Paul Goldstein
former Vice President of Programming
KTWV, Los Angeles

“Real-life technology aside, BA’s managers are part of our internal think-tank. They go beyond the music, getting down and dirty in understanding the entire station."

Bob Buchmann
Program Director
KLOS, Los Angeles

“The research tools provided by Broadcast Architecture have provided us with a laser focus approach to our programming, and as a result of that all of our stations have experienced tremendous growth and success in 2005 and this year.  But above all, we value BA's talent and experience.  Their ability to understand the realities of our market and their constant advice and support to our programming needs have allowed us to consolidate our position as one of the key radio groups in the Peruvian market.”

Dalmi Villar
Operations Manager
Grupo RPP, Lima, Peru

“A Broadcast Architecture Strategic Perceptual is like getting a virtual physical.  I was able to formulate a specific game plan and actually started making improvements within moments of receiving my report.  Every PD should fight to have this done for the health of their radio station.  You will be surprised by what you learn."

Carl Anderson
Senior Vice President of Programming/ Distribution
Citadel Media

“State of the art technology.  Veteran programmers.  In depth analysis and consultation.  Over the top service.  That's Broadcast Architecture.  While other companies storm in and out of the market leaving you with a pile of information, BA is superior in giving your organization the attention it deserves from designing the project to implementation.  It's the people that make the difference at BA.  Anytime you can combine powerful research and radio expertise - you win!"

JD Gonzalez
Senior Vice President of Programming
Univision Radio

“As a client of BA I truly value their service, commitment, and team work.  No matter the distance, whether it's thousands of kilometers or miles, we're always in constant communication via weekly e-mails, IMs, or phone calls.  That has made Broadcast Architecture a valuable member of the H.I.T. team in Spain."

Tommy Ferraz
Program Director
H.I.T.-FM, Spain

“I love the emotional response we get from participants using BA’s Mix-Master dial technology!  I believe the technology puts the respondents in a comfortable, non-clinical setting which is great for getting their true feelings about each element we test.  And the next-day data delivery is wonderful icing on the cake!  We’re big fans of BA’s service.”

Darren Davis
Senior Vice President of Programming
Clear Channel Radio

“I was surprised at how easy BA makes it. The Mix-Master was unlike any AMT experience I’ve ever had – they provide valuable experience in explaining and interpreting the data, and getting the results immediately is icing on the cake. The only word I can come up with when asked about the great guys at Broadcast Architecture is ‘WOW’.”

Sandy Collins
former Program Director
WLQT and Smooth Jazz 106.5, Dayton, Ohio

“BA is an invaluable partner. Their research capabilities and tools are cutting edge and their insight is top notch.  I wouldn't want to go into battle without them by my side."

Rich McMillan
Program Director
WMJJ, Birmingham

“Throughout the year I have the pleasure of working with Broadcast Architecture.  We have been working together for over 5 years and I'm proud to say that they have been instrumental in [KOST]'s success in the ratings.  Broadcast Architecture has a great team of employees.”

Stella Prado
Program Director
KOST, Los Angeles

“The team at BA is committed to providing us with answers to musical questions.  You can make decisions about your station and never doubt the accuracy of the data.  It still amazes me that we can conduct a music test, break out the data and get it on the air the next day.  It is the ultimate 'quick turn around.'  [The BA] Analyst is a great program - powerful and yet easy to use.  It's powerful to watch your audience react to music based on emotion and passion as opposed to a thought process."

Pat McMahon
former Operations Manager
Clear Channel Radio, Dallas

“I've worked with BA for years.  They're the best!  Unlike many companies, BA takes the time to listen to your unique situation and they work together with you to best utilize their research results.  If you are looking for a 'cookie-cutter' research company that does it 'their way' and then leaves you with a bunch of data to figure out for yourself... BA is NOT for you."

Todd Thomas
Operations Manager
Clear Channel Radio, Detroit